5 Models of 10000 Lb Auto Lifts

Whether you’re looking to lift a large load, or just need to lift something in your garage, it’s important to have a reliable and durable 10000 lb auto lift to help you get the job done. Luckily, there are great section on their site of different models available on the market. These vary in size, as well as how much you need to lift. If you’re just looking for a small, lightweight lift, there are also electric or gas powered models that can meet your needs.
Dannmar D2-10C

Designed for heavy lifting tasks, the D2-10C 10000 lb auto lift is a powerhouse of a beast. Aside from its lifting power, it boasts a long list of hearty features. Among these are a tubular steel lifting carriage, asymmetric columns, and an impressive list of components, including a direct-drive hydraulic cylinder. Its close-to-the-floor design allows for unfettered floorspace and the ability to roll out equipment beneath the vehicle.

The best part of the D2-10C is that it’s actually a breeze to service. Thanks to a modular system, it’s easy to add or remove components as your needs change. It’s also the only two-post lift that uses a patented “T-shaped” design, meaning that it’s a good fit for most applications, and is a perfect candidate for a home garage or mobile service station.
Olympic Deluxe Commercial H-D Series Baseplate

Designed for commercial use, the Olympic Deluxe Commercial H-D Series Baseplate is a professional quality two-post hoist. With a total column height of 110″ and a rated load capacity of 10,000 pounds, it is a surefire way to lift tall vehicles. The design is safe and simple to use, and comes with all of the necessary hardware for installation.

The top beam of this car lift is expandable to accommodate a wide and narrow drive through settings. The two posts are symmetrically designed, and the lift is accompanied by a powerful 220V hydraulic power unit, as well as a dual-point safety lock release.
Challenger CL10V3-QC Series Quick Cycle(tm) Series Quick Cycle(tm)

Whether you are looking for an inground lift, or an aboveground lift, the Challenger CL10V3-QC Series Quick Cycle(tm) 10000 lb auto lift can fit your needs. Its unique design offers the flexibility to accommodate most vehicles. It is available in both standard voltage and 3-phase electrical, and it can be adapted to meet your needs.

Its innovative design and technology provide you with a safe and efficient lifting solution. The two post lifts feature adjustable height and width, and three productivity configurations. The standard model comes with an offset front arm that gives you the flexibility of an asymmetric lift. It also includes an adjustable arm restraint shaft and heavy-duty pulley equalization system. here are a couple of suggestions to get you started elongated carriage allows for maximized accessibility. It also includes rubber door guards and a single sweep spotting block.
this 2 post car lifts blog post by Mechanic Superstore -10

Whether you are planning a lilting budget or just looking for an impressive display to showcase your latest and greatest, this four post lift is sure to tick all the boxes. Featuring a sleek design that is designed to withstand the rigors of vehicular traffic, this lift is a must have for your busy garage. With features like a retractable lift handle and a slick tack and fender option that will keep your vehicle tame, this lift is the one you’ll be clamoring for the rest of your ilk. This lift can accommodate cars, trucks and sporty coupes of all shapes and sizes.

Mohawk’s System-1

Whether you are looking to buy an auto lift for your home garage or for the purpose of service and maintenance of your fleet, there is a Mohawk lift that is perfect for your needs. From the smallest, light duty 2 post vehicle lifts, to the biggest, heaviest duty 4 post models, you are sure to find the right one for your specific application.

The Mohawk System-1 is the only lift on the market designed for automotive storage and servicing. It boasts a clear floor design, as well as a patented hydraulic synchronization system. This model has a 10,000 pound lifting capacity, and is the ideal choice for a variety of vehicles.
BendPak’s all-new AP series

Introducing the BendPak AP series, the next generation of two-post lifts. The new design combines the best qualities of today’s two-post lifts. These include advanced Bi-Metric(tm) arms that are able to perform symmetric lifting, asymmetric retraction and a wide range of positioning options. Designed for the most demanding applications, the AP series of lifts is made for heavy-duty use.

These new models also come with a full range of features, including a patented swing arm design. The swing arms can extend further than typical two-post lifts, allowing for more under-car clearance. They can retract shorter and offer more positioning options, as well. They are ALI certified and meet industry safety standards.

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