Postsecondary/Career Readiness


Moving Forward

On average 10-20% of partner district students who take the ACT do not matriculate in the fall. Harvard reports that 10-40% of low-income students never make it to college the fall following graduation. This is coined Summer Melt. EOEP will work with admissions at Kent State, Eastern Gateway and Youngstown State to understand why students aren’t matriculating. We will use a texting program that will deliver reminders regarding enrollment, financial aid and registration. As students enter area colleges, we will connect them with Admissions in an effort to support first semester completion. Recognizing that students don’t matriculate for a variety of social, fiscal and academic reasons, results may vary each year. We will work to close the gap, on average, by 5% by 2018. Boston’s uAspire has seen an increase in on-time college enrollment by 7% their first year.



Our Summer Melt project will launch May 2016.  The program will include graduates from Memorial High School (Campbell) and Warren G. Harding High School (Warren).

For purposes of our program, ACT takers will determine the percentage of graduates who intend to attend college. Summer Melt will work to inform the reason for Summer Melt and to close the gap between graduation and matriculation.

Network Action Team

Team members review data to determine how best to support our local schools. Teams are made up of business, nonprofit and community leaders. If you are interested in becoming a part of the team contact us or click on the link below.